New Report on Out Of School Children in Jordan
A new report for UNICEF Jordan aims at fair and inclusive education for all children nationwide -- including Syrian refugees...
World Food Programme wins Nobel Peace Prize 2020: A tribute to humanitarian partnerships
No matter how much we like to think of ourselves as informed consumers, the majority of us do not fully understand the complexity of the arrangements needed to get even the most basic commodities to our tables safely, reliably and with any luck, tastily. The journey of the humble cornflake from corn seed to the breakfast table requires a tangled web of research, forecasting, analysis, logistics, contracts and legal compliance.
Fifty homeless people in Canada were given over $5,000 each. Here’s what happened next
Empowering people to manage their own money with a one-off cash payment could have an enduring impact on homelessness, if the “beautifully surprising” results of a Canadian initiative are anything to go by.