Latest publications

Kleine Deters, Bart, Apr 03, 2019, Does the right to education lead to better education outcomes?, Presented at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, at Leeds, UK

Arundel, Anthony, Rachel Taylor & Nuttaneeya (Ann) Torugsa, 2019, Thriving within the turbulence: A complexity theorizing approach to social innovation in non-profit organizations, in: Dogru C, Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches in Management and Organizational Strategy, IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Kleine Deters, Bart & Gustavo Arosemena, Dec 14, 2018, Conflicts in Rights-Based Development, Presented at the Leuven Center for Global Studies conference, titled "70 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Can We Still Afford Human Rights?" (Leuven, Belgium)

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Taylor, R., A. Torugsa & Anthony Arundel, 2018, Leaping into Real-World Relevance: An ‘Abduction’ Process for Nonprofit Research, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 47

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Dietrich, Stephan, Aline Meysonnat, Victor Cebotari, Julia Reinold, Franziska Gassmann, Inez Roosen & Neil Foster-McGregor, 2018, Key Drivers of the Changing Prevalence of Child Marriage in Three Countries in South Asia, UNICEF, Kathmandu, Nepal, More information

Le, Nga, Wim Groot, Sonila Tomini & Florian Tomini, 2018, Health insurance and patient satisfaction: Evidence from the poorest regions of Vietnam, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-040

Le, Nga, Wim Groot, Sonila Tomini & Florian Tomini, 2018, Health insurance and self-employment transitions in Vietnam: A multinomial analysis, This paper has been republished as #2019-008, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-039

Vinci, Vincenzo, 2018, The Relevance of Institutions and People’s Preferences for Social Protection, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University, More information

Waidler, Jennifer, 2018, Social assistance and remittances and their role in the fight against poverty, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

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Abu-El-Haj, Tareq, Franziska Gassmann & Cathal O'Donoghue, 2018, Price opinion data in subsidized economies: Empirical evidence from Iraq, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-033

Gassmann, Franziska & Eszter Timar, Jun 2018, The Importance of Social Protection for Children in the Balkans, This policy brief investigates the costs of child poverty in the Balkans, including deprivation in terms of education, health, and social mobility. It then lays out the potential of social protection, most notably in terms of building resilence and fostering development, 8, More information

Vinci, Vincenzo & Keetie Roelen, 2018, Institutional factors and people's preferences in the implementation of social protection: the case of Ethiopia, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-017

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Martorano, Bruno, Mar 2018, The relationship between perceptions of inequality and political participation: the case of West Balkans, More information

Martorano, Bruno, 2018, Taxation and inequality in developing countries: Lessons from the recent experience of Latin America, Journal of International Development, 30, More information

Martorano, Bruno, Laura Metzger & Marco Sanfilippo, 2018, Chinese development assistance and household welfare in sub-Saharan Africa, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-012

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Nigus, Halefom, Eleonora Nillesen & Pierre Mohnen, 2018, The effect of weather index insurance on social capital: Experimental evidence from Ethiopia, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-007

Tirivayi, Nyasha, Louise Nennen, Wondimagegn Tesfaye & Qiang Ma, 2018, The benefits of collective action: Exploring the role of forest producer organizations in social protection, Forest Policy and Economics, 90, More information

Dietrich, Stephan & Franziska Gassmann, 2018, Rates of Return to Social Protection: Social Cash Transfers in Uganda, UNU Policy Brief, Number 2, 2018, More information

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Kleine Deters, Bart, Jul 13, 2017, The human right to education: a bottom-up or top-down project?, Presented at the APPAM International Conference in Brussels, Belgium, More information

Laar, Mindel & Ayla Bonfiglio, 2017, 'Public policy beyond borders' - What lessons did we learn?, APPAM Conference Blog, More information

Laar, Mindel & Andrea Franco-Correa, 2017, Working for the youth of Colombia: Dr. Andrea Franco-Correa, Alumni watch blog, More information

Laar, Mindel & Ali Safarnejad, 2017, Leave no one behind: Keeping up the pressure on HIV/AIDS in Viet Nam, Dual Focus Blog, More information

Cornia, Giovanni Andrea & Bruno Martorano, 2017, The Dynamics of Income Inequality in a Dualistic Economy:Malawi over 1990-2011, in: Ayodele Odusola, Giovanni Andrea Cornia, Haroon Bhorat and Pedro Conceição, Income Inequality Trends in sub-Saharan Africa: Divergence, Determinants, and Consequences, UNDP, New York, US

Cornia, Giovanni Andrea & Bruno Martorano, 2017, Building an Integrated Inequality Dataset and the ‘Seven Sins’ of Inequality Measurement in sub-Saharan Africa, in: Ayodele Odusola, Giovanni Andrea Cornia, Haroon Bhorat and Pedro Conceição, Income Inequality Trends in sub-Saharan Africa: Divergence, Determinants, and Consequences, UNDP, New York, US

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Gassmann, Franziska, Oct 2017, , UNICEF Sub-Regional Conference on Social Protection for Children, Sarajevo

Gassmann, Franziska & S.W. Handayani, 2017, Closing the Gap: Potential Contribution of Social Assistance for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals, This brief discusses the fiscal requirements to meet the social protection-related targets of SDGs, particularly for social assistance programs in ADB’s 16 developing member countries in Asia, More information

Gassmann, Franziska, Michaella Vanore, T Pham Minh, T Tran Nhu & Eszter Timar, 2017, Assessment of and policy dialogue on targeting approaches and mechanisms (inclusion and exclusion errors) in existing social assistance schemes, Report commissioned by UNICEF Vietnam

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