Extending social protection coverage to refugees: The golden chance of humanitarian assistance
Shadow alignment of humanitarian response allows for incorporation of the programme with current or future social protection programmes.
How to boost social protection worldwide: From Europe to Asia?
For over a decade, we’ve been training Asian professionals on the latest developments in social protection. Led by the Universities of Heidelberg, Germany and Hanoi, Vietnam, the International Social Protection Studies Programme also has a Maastricht-based module: covering policy management, monitoring and evaluation. Every other year since 2007, a group of participants has joined us in Maastricht for around 5-6 weeks.
Social protection and bridging the humanitarian-development divide
In light of the World Humanitarian Day last Sunday, August 19, this post argues for the need to revisit humanitarian aid and place it alongside social protection.
World Day vs. Child Labour: Why Balkan children need social protection
This year, the World Day Against Child Labour and the World Day for Safety and Health at Work shine a spotlight on the global need to improve the safety and health of young workers and end child labour.